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A Textile Art Exhibition celebrating the changing of seasons

Elvery Fine Art Gallery

62 Main Street Chiltern Victoria

03/10/2015 - 01/11/2015

Kadens Wings

Textile Sculpture comprising of over 1000 hand made feathers. The creation of this sculpture helped heal a mothers broken heart from the loss of her child.

Conceptually, Natalies intention was to create a healing space for the viewer to stop and breath. 

To enter the space and Exhale...

Threads is a story of connection. A story of love, family and the passing of time. Loss, healing and finding the joy in simple things once again. 


An over-sized Birds Nest woven from found branches, protects it precious eggs in the center of the Gallery. The nest is surrounded by 4 drops depicting the 4 seasons. They gently sway with the breeze as time passes before our eyes. 


3 Dimensional Free Machined Textile Sculpture,

Featuring 2 stitched broken shells representing when Natalie's daughters left home to begin their own life adventure.

Threads Exhibition Opening Day @ Elvery

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