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Current Exhibition

28/09/2023 - 06/11/2023

Bright Art Gallery - 28 Mountbatten Ave, Bright, Victoria

Please join Natalie as she shares her journey of life on a chestnut farm, located in the beautiful Alpine region of Victoria Australia.


In the Orchard takes us through four seasons of a productive chestnut orchard. With studies of the bio habitat, Insects, fungus and lichens, as well as exploring the unseen threats

All works are available for purchase aswell as a series of limited-edition Prints.

In the Orchard

IMG_20230925_151434 (1).jpg

Featuring works including large incised board, watercolour paints, textile sculptures, Lino cut prints with hand stitching details, to a three meter high installation of a chestnut tree. Natalie showcases her multi-disciplined art practice.

Gallery Open Hours

Thursday    10am - 4pm

Friday         10am - 4pm

Saturday     10am - 4pm

Sunday       10am - 4pm

Monday      10am - 4pm


While working for Chestnuts Australia as part of the Blight surveillance team, Natalie has been gifted the opportunity to visit many of the region's orchards. 

Chestnut Blight was first discovered in the region in 2010 and is currently under a management plan. 

The 'Return to Earth' series of Mushroom sculptures speaks of the process required to clear an infected property of Blight.

If you would like to learn more about Blight, please logon to Chestnuts Australia.

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