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Whispering Woods

                                                - a conversation between trees.

Wrenwood Gallery

Riverina Hwy, Bungowannah

New South Wales, 3091

After viewing a Ted Talk by Professor Susan Simard, whos 30 years of research have led to her amazing discovery that Trees Talk; Natalie was inspired to continue this conversation and developed her Exhibition, Whispering Woods.

As a trees roots reach out to share information, so does Natalie's conceptual layers as her research, meditation and creation of her subject develops.

Working with Textile, found branches and used Tea Bags; Natalie created an art installation featuring a life sized tree, titled: 'A Single tree does not a forest make'. This work asks us to consider how commercially practiced forestry does in fact not create a sustainable eco system.

Natalie believed working with Encaustics was the perfect medium to showcase this series of works, as the layers of wax and resin reflect the layers of issues we are facing with our plant and the conversations we should be having and the actions we need to take.

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