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'The Bee Tree'

A Commissioned public Art Installation by Wodonga Council for the Cube Courtyard

A Clip showing the creation of 'The Bee Tree'

The Bees where installed at the beginning of Autumn and stayed in the tree for 4 months. During that time the leaves changed from green to yellow to red, then slowly fell to the ground.

Once hidden the bees now became visible while the Hive glowed like honey as the sun set each evening.

The Bee Tree – Conceptual Art Installation

by Natalie Malseed

As Autumn leaves begin to fall, worker Bees hurry to collect enough nectar to feed the colony throughout winter. As many species are being added to the endangered list, it is more important than ever to remember how one of nature’s most productive creatures creates our ecosystem. It has been said, that unique among all creatures, only the Bee improves the environment and preys not on any other species.

During the period of "The Bee Trees' installation, Natalie's 'Mushrooms Three Ways' Series was also installed in the Wodonga Library Light Boxes.

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